Pizza Guy

By Request:

Because the best stories came from this GUY! Not that I can share all the details

This individual was not  one of the first guys I met on tinder, but made an impact on me and still does to this day! We had a mutual friend so it was easy to spark a conversation. We talked on the app back and forth for a week prior to meeting up. We met on a Friday night at Seven Grand. He mentioned he had to meet a friend after; so I knew I’d meet him for a drink, then head home. I was running late, not intentionally but was…. I walked into the joint and there he was standing at the bar. He was more than what I pictured, overall just my type: Shaved head, my height, dope style, articulate… He had this smile on his face that made me wanna squish him. ” Milo.”, he introduces himself .. He owns a pizza place near San Diego state and has for the last 20 years. He is originally from New York City, went to Arizona State and has this perfect gap between his teeth.


He buys my drink and we listen to this amazing Jazz band that is playing . He invites me to Air Conditioned Lounge after Seven Grand.  I didn’t think I was going to be out late so I drove. We drive to AC Lounge where I intended on having ONE more drink and head home. YEAH, that did not happen….. His friend was DJ’ing some dope house music and well, I start dancing…

He buys me a drink, I run into a handful of friends… We laugh at the bar and share our first kiss. What the fuck was that? Pure, Hot, Fire. We dance, kiss, dance…. He invites me to Til Two. There’s a  hip hop show and he wants me to join him! Im thinking, ” What is going on here?”, So I ask him… Whats up?  He says, ” I like you, you’re fuckin hot and I want to get the first 3 dates out of the way so I can take you home!”. What do you say to that?! Tee he he

We walk into Til Two and the artist on stage looks like Biggie Smalls. Lyrically intense with a passion for Hip Hop(my first love). I meet a handful of his friends, We share more drinks, kiss, dance, and finally Uber to my place…

Short story short: Milo is fun, the typical artist, very talented and did I say fun as hell!? We try NEW things every time we are together. I may have thrown my back out from a granite counter top…. We both share not wanting to be monagamous and state the basis of our relationship out the gate. We are on the same page always.


Election Day Date.. Our faces say enough.

Meeting friends in new places …

Best Morning View everytime I wake up here

IMG_5584 fullsizeoutput_1993

One thing I love about Milo is I’ve learned not take life too seriously. He’s always so complimentary.  I love running into him when he’s on dates around town….fullsizeoutput_2122 Shits hilarious, because its usually followed by a random text!

His response to Tyler breaking up with me was, “OMG I thought something serious happened….” Its friends like this that make the bullshit of your man leaving you hurt a little less

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