The Bartender

I guess the best way to start this story is with the fact I had never dated a bartender, and in the end what a cliche. I am having the most difficult time writing about the bartender. After reading old messages preparing for this post I forgot how much I liked him….

So I meet this guy on Tinder. We went back and forth and his work schedule pretty much sucked. He works at Coasterra and suggested I stop by the bar for an informal first meet.IMG_5411

Sean Munnin; What a sweetheart, a lot taller in person and overall intensly happy. 39 years old and originally from Ohio. I stayed at the bar for a couple drinks; chatted him in between customers. His situation was very interesting, him and his previous girlfriend of 14 years; They wanted a change from Ohio so they re-located to San Diego, but he had broken up with his girlfriend like 6 months before I met him, and they still lived together. They didn’t want to break their lease, so I met him in the last 45 days of it.  We text back and forth and he sends me really cute voice memo’s each morning. After a week of texting and going back and forth, I look forward to getting these cute little voice memo’s.

I met him around my birthday and at the time I was dating someone who is Polyamorous. The relationship I had with this other man, was interesting as he was encouraging me to date other people. Shawn was one of the first guys I meet while dating the polyamorous guy. On our first date we go to Trust, a nice and trendy resturaunt in Hillcrest. We chat about stupid shit and I tell him I’m openly dating. He is cool with the idea for he’s not ready to be in a relationship. His last relationship was for 14 years ….  A few red flags immediatly but, I had been openly dating someone else so I totaly overlooked the issues; He was cute. Second date is at Urban Solace. We ate, then headed back to my place and FUN, super fun guy, very sensual and super fit!  Next morning short story short, He’s taking a shower and upon getting out, my bathroom shelf breaks and his phone lands in the toilet!

Phones dead! He actually handled this sutiation alot better than I had anticipated. He immediatly got on the computer and went to file a claim and thats when he had noticed the EX changed all the passwords. WTF?! (This is when I start doing Laundry)  This is why you dont live with Ex’s for 6 more months after the relationship is over, petty shit like this occurs.

He is out of a phone for a couple days and we communicate through email… I love that he’s still making an effort to keep in touch. We start dating and see eachtoher a couple times a week. I frequent the bar, for its absolutly the best view in San Diego!IMG_6287

This relationship was fun, but we always just hung out with each other .. I never realized this until there was a problem. Halloween we go to Sidebar and dance.

Well I danced, he hung out….Were having what I thought was an amazing time. NO. He has a pouty moment because apparently guys are looking at me and he’d rather spend alone time than be in a club. He’s get a text message later that night from the ex saying her friends saw us out…….  Good thing I was lookin AhhhhhhMazzzzzing!

Worst thing about dating a bartender the hours


Ughhhh and he would leave his shit at my place all the time; because….. well he was half sleeping. He may have been slightly blind; peep my fuckin left eye!





His days off became my days off so we could actually see eachother on normal people hours…Randomly I ask “I am so curious what the other girls your dating are like ..” He doesnt really see them maybe a couple dates here and there and Im like what do they look like.. I was not prepared

Interesting choices …. I actually wasnt as attractive to him after I saw purple hair girl!

We had plans to go to a comedy show… I was asked to not laugh so hard; it ended up being a very long night… I had plans to go to Disneyland the next day where I woke up @ the time I was supposed to meet them.. was running super late.. I still get shit from sleeping in when planning a Disney trip.

Drunk’n Red Flag #1: We are at The Red and Method Man show  and he leaves…. You can tell by just looking at his eyes, he’s wasted! He proceeded to just LEAVE me. I do a circle around the venue, spy a handful of friends, but him no where to be found I take an uber home alone.

The next morning I get a call, He’s like “Babe I fucked up!” me ” What makes you think that?” him ” I woke up alone…” me “You might wanna check your text messages….”


He doesn’t recall a thing. WTF he spends the next week kissing my ass; literally kissing my ass. We meet-up a few days later and I share with him my concern with him and going to Palm Dessert. He appologizes and says he understands if I want to take someone else…. OMG you just dont take anyone to where we are going. Its a Naked Resort; He goes with me.

Unlike Taylor’s story I could not give two shits about sharing this one. Road trip was good, we booked a super plush hotel so it was a nice little stay-cation! It also kept me in shape cuz hes in shape….

This is where shit gets interesting……. Remember how I mentioned we always spent time alone? Turns out whenever we are around other people he gets all weird but apparently that’ jealousy…. I’ve never dated anyone whos jealous(poor human quality)  I pick up on this unfortunately in a lifestyle environment. When being open you must be mindful of your partner and their feelings. He’s slurring, super upset and overall not happy. I say “Lets go!” he insist on staying.

Drunk’n Red Flag #2: He calls me his ex-girlfreinds name…. 3 TIMES

We Leave.

I laugh like Red Flag #1 should have been enough! He of corse passes out.. I wake up super early; I text with my friend Josh who’s in the lifestyle as well. I tell him the story; all detailed. His response “FUCK!”


It was horrible Wakes up in the morning underneath all the sheets including the mattress cover! We go have brunch at some cute cafe; I say nothing ….. I’m kind of good at acting like nothing matters

On the drive home we talk about stupid shit...

I end things the next morning via text.

Months later…. I run into this fool at Urban Solace ….

I only say fool because when I saw him; he was sitting at the bar. Obviously on a date but G L A R E S 



What the fucking fuck??? This bitch called me his EX’S name !!

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