So I’m back at this dating shit…Again

What an interesting concept of dating… you don’t like someone swipe left. You think you may have something in common based off of a default photo swipe right . You really like someone based off of the little information they provided; you Super Like. 

My Profile


So based on what I have to say I get super liked from that shit? It must be my photos ..

So it’s safe to say I’m stepping out of my box and gonna try to date people I wouldn’t normally be intersted in. I mean its solely based on looks until you actually meet…

(lets be honest)


So I have this persistent young fucker invite me out.. I attempt to cancel but one of my  girls at the salon was like. “Ahhhh give him a chance…”. I can’t say his name mostly because I can’t pronounce it. I uber to Polite Provisions where he walks in right behind me. He introduces himself and I give him a hug for it seemed natural. Hes 6’3, Persian, Pre-Med & 25……. Great conversation but overal way to young . I’m horrible, I had to take a picture to just point out and remind myself .. This is why you don’t date 25 year olds

( He looks like a child)IMG_7361

I see my therapist the next day..I was so greatful she sees me for an emergency session because, well remember Man Bunn? I’m having the most difficult time getting over him.

Lets recap: 

I saw him when he surprisingly broke up with me, I loose my mind, he takes space for a week, where he; His words “I deliberated for a week whether to break up with you or not.” I see him to pick up my shit, and than the man wants nothing to do with me! No calls,texts and definitly not to see me 😦

Im kinda fucked up in the head…

Sooo back to my therapist! She’s amazing! I’ve been seeing her for 8 or 9 years. I see her when shit’s good, shit’s bad, shit I dont wanna tell my friends and the first ever; Helping me understand why people are narcissistic,cold hearted and lack empathy. I tell her I’m afraid I won’t have or meet someone with the same connection as Tyler and I’m devastated, I still love him … Shes like, “Anne, get back out there and leave the 25 year olds alone!”

I’m at home on a Sunday night, watching Tv and my phone chimes from Tinder. I chat with this guy we go back and forth and we plan to spontaneously meet at Sycamore Den.

IMG_7373 Erik

Great personality, super cool, and great chemistry right out the gate. Not my type with the beard, but its nicely groomed and he totaly pulls it off with his style. He has his shit together, very articulate and generous with buying me drinks!

We talk about all sorts of stuff.  He just got back, literally from Montreux Switzerland. He was flatterd by us connecting on Tinder and was stoked I was down to meet last minute. He texts me as we’re having drinks pics from his trip:

The night is awesome, we share an amazig first kiss and plan our second date for a couple days later. We text the next couple days about whatever; nothing exciting.

We have our second date at Urban Solace. He asks the typical second date questions… When was your last relationship, why did it end, what are you looking for, tell me how pretty I am, you know; second date shit! There definitly chemistry and a connection. He’s was previously married; a work-a-holic, and thats why the marriage ended…… I invite him back to my place, we hang for a bit, he leaves we plan a third date for Friday….


Did I just get broken up with before he was even my boyfriend? I love it when guys like this asume you want them to be their boyfriend after 1-2 dates…

Get the fuck over yourself….

I’m messaging with this cutie Curtis, Im saying he’s cute based off what he’s texting me.

 I have him send me a selfie →IMG_7446

He’s kinda cute, yea?

He’s younger, 27 (damnit can’t get away from em!), Japanese and Italian, works downtown doing some type of Web Design. We plan to meet up Friday for drinks. mid week he starts call me babe and baby, eh,  I go with it. As Friday starts to approach I’m actually getting excited to meet this guy. My girl Chelsea reaches out and wants to grab drinks and catch up.  I tell her I’m meeting up with this guy I’ve been chatting with on Tinder and she should come with…IMG_7406

Short story short I let him know shes coming, hes cool with it and we go from there. We meet at 7 Grand! Upon meeting him Chelsea says, “I thought this is your first time meeting him?” Connection was good! He’s fun, we talk about stupid shit, order drinks and let loose…


We Head to West Coast, then Coin Op and we head back to my place….

Short story Short he drank to much ain’t shit happen’n…. I have to go to work in the morning and leave him in my bed… We text later that day. We talk on the phone that night for about an hour. We plan our second date.fullsizeoutput_ec3

 I snap him a pic of a cigarette burn on my leg from him …..  Date was rescheduled

Im back tindering


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