Week 2


We meet at Communal Coffee before work on a Saturday, super sweet, lives close to me and the conversation is nice. We have alot in common as far as music goes; He was at alot of the concerts Tyler and I went to at The Observatory. Coffee was a great way to break the ice. I left and wasn’t sure if he liked me. We text through out the day and we meet later for ramen and this amazig place in Bankers Hill. Conversation is good, some silence again can’t tell if hes into me…


The guy that you text and it doesn’t go anywhere … That’s this fucking guy!  He’s a barber and plays professional basketball; his words!!! He wants to meet but only at MY house or HIS house .. MISS ME WITH THAT SHIT! He can’t seem to find a public place so we never meet.. He texts all week BLEHH



What a sweetheart. He lives in Imperial Beach, where the fuck is that? I dont know anything south of Downtown. I’m actually kinda a bitch about it and say in a message he lives too far and I have no desire to drive to him… RUDE! He’s persistent and asks me out…. He mentions Urbn Pizza, its walking distance from my house but I drive. I’m running late and he says look to left when you come inside the door. We introduce ourselves to each other and what was initially going to be just drinks turns into an amazing dinner with great conversation and company. The bill arrives and he insists on picking up the bill. Very sweet; He walks me to my car where he asks to see me again. We share a good night kiss and part ways. He secretly sends me flowers the next day ❤IMG_7445


We meet at Communal Coffee (again I know). He’s alot shorter than I had anticipated . Has been in San Diego for a year and a half. He loves yoga and is super grounded. We talk about hiking, dieting, juicing … I mention to him every week I make the best immunty shot! I live by this shit.. He mentions he makes it at Jamba Juice; its one of his favorites. I think ohh he owns a Jamba Juice… No! No no he’s literally getting on his feet now, after being in SD for a year and a half he’s just landed a decent job and finally isn’t sleeping on friends couches and just got a place of his own. Great conversation, we wrap up and upon talking to him it’s official, I can’t date anyone who has a beard, not into it all!

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