The Surfer


 Is all I can say to start out this story! I have always wanted to date a surfer, like Pro/ Travling the world surfer and here he is! Chaz …. He lives in San Clemente but comes to San Diego quite often. Our first conversation was about and hour and a half. Loves to talk about the start up company he works at and the overall  success of the company! Its actually a pretty cool company Shark Wheels. They are skate board wheels that can be ridden anywhere..Like gravel, sand and shit………

They were picked up on Shark Tank and some of their footage on instagram is dope…. Anyhow most of his pictured on Tinder were surf pictures and one cute shot of his face.. Upon talking on the phone we exchange selfies … This says so much about him!fullsizeoutput_f90

Freaking hilarious.. He tells me when he’s coming down to San Diego next  and we plan to meet about a week later! We chat on the phone a bit for an hour or two at a time. He’s traveled a lot so we exchange stories of where we’ve been; shit like that…

I send him a selfie so he knows what I’m wearing/ look like!!


We meet up at  Fireside by The Patio in Liberty Station. Super chill spot and he keeps complimenting me…(His favorite color is orange)

He tells me about this company he reps or something important about it Azhiazam…. We have the best first date; just enough nervousness and giddiness. It was cute.

Apparently He’s excited ….

Drive up Saturday after work and stay the night; He’s super excited for me to see his space and his neighborhood.

So I head up to San Clemente after work.

It was the most beautiful drive up and the sunset was ….PERFECT

He loved this brand and repped it well

Check their instagram: AZHIAZIAM

We had the most stupid stoner, whiskey drinking night together ……. ………..

There was definitly NO SEX here; It was that bad and I can’t remeber it or I was that drunk????????

I’m NEVER that drunk…..


We have brunch, his back is hurting… He stays in the house; I shop!!!

I come back; hes tired and exhausted= HUNG OVER

We part ways cuz, the guy can barely move, and I never here from him again!!



 Doesn’t this pic look like a honeymoon pic??IMG_5309 OKAY … Maybe Not !

I’ve never been married;

I dont know what the fuck a honeymoon pic looks like !


And thats was the end of Chaz, atleast I have the decency to let a guy know when I’m done with him! PSA: DON’T GHOST PEOPLE!

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