Week 3

Long over due and I may have compiled all sorts of shit into one week even though its several…..




How cute is this guy? So remember wooden watch guy who own a kiosk at liberty station; Maybe not? Anyhow he mentions how fabulous this cheese place is in the market where he works ;than I meet the manager …… We meet  @ Calabria on 30th. We sit outside for over an hour chatting about all sorts of shit! He shares he’s going to Italy for work and we should connect when we get back; I never hear from him again.

Wooden watch guy invites me over to his house… I stop by after work and its kinda dirty. pretty big town home in Kensigton, but doesn’t wanna give me a tour because ” I .. Uhhh haven’t had a chance to clean…” We make out, and I suddenly have to go! Ewww I can’t!! like really I can’t do dirty.


fullsizeoutput_1345 Ohhh Mi Gawd

So I meet William at Cafe Mayhuel… Anyone who reads my profile can see I like tequila and they take me here; good thing I like it!    We sit at the front bar and shortly after getting comfortable I notice he has a whistle. Whistle as in; when he talks he fuck’n whistles.WHOA  WHAT THE FUCK <—- I know; I’m so horrible. 

So I order my usual Cadillac margarita and he asks the bartender ” Do you have 100 proof tequila? I’ll take that neat with a side of rocks.” He ordered 3  WTF  Than proceeded to tell me where I can go in San Diego to get fucked up for super cheap. I never saw him again.


So This guy manages to reappear… The guy who burned my leg and yes I may have forgot to put a bra on in that first pic……… We go on a couple more dates and he’s F U N He’s just young and has roommates.. we SnapChat from time to time.

For as much fun that I’m having I’m checking my list of things I don’t want; Its been an amazing start to summer…

So I meet a boy I like and he likes me, and after 3 dates he’s my boyfriend …….


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