Week..? Who the fuck knows…..I’m still single !

Where to start?  Sometimes when I look at my dating life I think it would be hard for some to fathom how many dates I go on. While it can be exhausting and some days I just wanna give up, but It’s SUMMMER TIME. Its hot out, people tend to wear less clothes and why the fuck not? I figured I’d keep at this game til the season’s at least over…..

Until I meet Chip


I love how he emphasizes—> not here for a hook-up…

We text back and forth; Im @ my friend Chelsea’s helping her clean out her closet. I like the direction the conversation is going. He likes how I’m spending my Friday night helping a friend clean her closet.IMG_7604 He says “The gesture says so much about me….” #1) Me not being selfish!#2 Friday is date night .. #3 who the fuck knows now?

I’m thinkin he’s cool. I get wrapped up in work and didn’t reach out for a couple days. I get this sweet message kinda like: ” I like you, I like texting with you, I may be taking this personal, but I thought we were connecting LALALALALAAAA..

I reach out. Share how busy I was with work and mention that I see he’s 120 miles away… he says he lives in Down Town LA. He asks where I’m from; I mention not LA and that I have no desire to travel or attempt at a long distance anything…. He had this sweet way of tellling me that San Diego wasn’t that far and that we should at least chat on the phone before we walk away completely. That phone conversation ended up being around 3 hours……We talk about all sorts of shit. I’m intrigued by him; he’s in the entertainment industry and he’s about to wrap the season and go on hiadius… He’s originally from Malibu, was previously married and his last relationship was 4 years ago.

I share about how I ended my engagement and we just connect via phone; voice to voice.

I start wrapping up the conversation and I ask if he works the next day? He replies: Yes, I get off around 6… I follow up by saying ” I’m gonna leave San Diego tomorrow around 2:30 so I don’t hit traffic. I’ll do my thing until you get off work and we can meet for coffee or dinner.” He’s like tomorrow doesn’t work. What about Sunday? my response ” I usually spend Sunday’s with my Mom.” …We go back and forth … I say ” We can meet Sunday, but I don’t want to text or talk until Saturday when we are confirming plans.

” I say “Listen we connect on the phone and text. We need to have chemistry in person,talking and texting will skew that; I know how this dating shit works, and its one or the other!” He says ” Well I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow….

I leave San Diego around 2:30 as planned. No traffic. I bring my dogs so I have an excuse to leave if shits not going well….


I walk my babies and get my nails done while I wait to hear from him. We text back and forth I share im getting my nails done LALALLAA….

Im wrapping up my nails and he surprises me and comes to the nail shop. Short story short he pays for my services.. He’s flattered I drove all that way to meet him …

Soooo He’s not the typical guy I’d be attracted too but something about him Im all about….

He’s heavier than I thought; which doesn’t bother me, but again; not the person I would typically date..


We go to dinner,resturant’s dog friendly! Great conversation and everything is overall Lovely…

I tell him I HATE LA; Moving forward I would have to take the train. Anyone who knows me knows; I hate LA!  He’s like…. Cant you just dream a little? I told him I’m pretty practical and although we connect, I will never move to LA…

He sends flowers the next day




I take the train up the following weekend… I get out of work around 2 to catch the 3:15 Train thats running late, so I relax a little while I wait. I get on the train and theres no seats; Like no fuckin seats. I sit on the floor. We have an awesome first date; like a real one, where my dogs aren’t with me.




His last relationship was 4 years ago…..

So apparently; this bitch robbed him. After dating for; I forget how long… she was in the process of purchasing a home and somewhere thought they should purchase together, but of corse;Get Married ! A few months into the marriage he’s getting calls from authorties and finding out his apparent wife has 4 alias’s and has wiped out all his bank accounts. <—-– WTF !!!

I’ve been in a similar situation…….not to this degree whatsoever , but I know what it feels like to have someone take all your most prized posessions…… It’s nice to have someone open up especially after dating on such a surface level. I move forward dating him and solely him.


We have an intersting start to our relationship because his personalty is as big as mine.. I love it….. I think?

We don’t have a lot of things in common, but conversation is stimulating and I’m intrigued. I love his loft!! Very comfortable and well decorated. I have my first long weekend free and I tell him I want to go shopping. He comments it’s  not what he was thinking, but the man takes me shopping. We go to Santa Monica. We walk around and I get some retail therapy in. We stop at Vans before we head back to his place.

.IMG_7987He buys me pink speaks. I love his house… Its dope! I’m observant; not nosey, but I notice everything !!

I notice he’s got a few guns laying around… not my thing whatsoever!!! I tell him I’d like to learn more about guns… Our next date when I come back out  is a shooting range.IMG_7815

Us dating doesn’t last long.. Like a couple months; I liked him a lot…….

 I sabotaged it….. I OWN THAT SHIT….

I don’t think I was ready to date someone as genuine as him. CORRECTION: I wasn’t ready to date someone who didn’t live in SD,Big personality,Stubborn,SELFISH,Anaytical,Unaware,Stressed,Miserable,OCD,Fanatic …. I was crazy, I did everything you can possibly do to make someone run, But he didn’t!  Did you read the above character traits?


Guys like him stick around so they can throw your crazy shit in your face! A month goes by and one day hasn’t gone by without me thinking about him…. Honestly . Some time has passed. I should write as my relationships happen, but unfortunately I don’t; Right now I don’t! Short story short this fuckin guy makes me crazy. He has NO sex drive on top of being an asshole… I’m not getting laid which makes me an ASSHOLE!

We attempted to remain at least friends. Ahhhhhhh just because I have past guys I’ve dated as friends, doesn’t mean everyone can be one.

I’m back Tindering


    • Hmmmmm…where to start ! LALA – The traffic ohhh my goodness, the superficial bullshit and stereotypes people try to live up to…Did you read man bun ? I am
      So very insecure that if I get to close to someone they will leave me…. he was so complimenting but condescending… He said things to me like “I’ll never leave you;
      Don’t worry.”“ I wanna take care of you.” “Your my dream girl ..” all too very soon! Initially I was flattered but it hit a switch in me to test his man to see if he would really stay 🤦🏾‍♀️
      When I said sabotage did you see the movie How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days ? That was me.. ohhhh dear!

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